Emma Jane. Twenty. College student.
This blog is for my own exploration of sex and all that it may entail. Play nice and I'll do the same. If you're under 18, then I must ask you to leave. Obvs, NSFW. The icon is me. Please, don't ask for more pictures because there likely won't be. My ask is always open. However, I implore you to be respectful.  Welcome to my curiousities. Enjoy your stay. :)


Oh fuck me senseless and leave me wet…those hips…RAWRRRR


Time to wake up.

Need this so bad right now

Sensual Gifs

when a sexy man sees that you’ve deliberately put out an offer… he stops in his steps as his lust lights up his mind… and puts him on a new track… yours…
naked and sexual
gif source: annabella-xoxo tumblr
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